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Pre-Employment Screenings

APT has been providing Pre-Employment Screenings for the last 20 years. Pre-Employment screening allows employers to select the right job applicants for positions in the company. It saves companies time and money by refining the selection process to include only the best applicants for available positions. Pre-employment screenings can range from a brief description of personality qualities to a more comprehensive assessment that includes academic testing.


Different job tasks are better suited to those with specific personality traits. Successful sales representatives are generally outgoing and sociable. Some job tasks require people to be meticulous and well organized. You may be looking for an employee that is entrepreneurial and can work independent of supervision. Pre-employment screenings help identify personality traits needed to perform certain job tasks and roles. APT provides consultations with companies in order to determine what personality characteristics are desired to fill certain positions. APT then meets with the job applicants and administers psychological assessments designed to identify personality traits. Academic testing may also be performed in order to determine if the job applicants possess the academic skills to complete job tasks. This normally includes an assessment of reading ability, spelling skills and math computation skills. Results are then reported to the referral company in the form of a written report.


To schedule a consultation with a psychologist at APT or for more information regarding Pre-Employment Screening services and fees please call 304.302.0526.

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