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Autism Evaluations

Autism is a brain development disorder characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. APT provides comprehensive psychological evaluations to determine if a diagnosis of autism is appropriate, how a person's functioning is impaired by autism and to provide recommendations for treatment.


Penny Perdue, M.A. has been performing psychological evaluations in the Tri-state area for over 15 years. She has extensive experience performing psychological assessments to determine if an individual has autism as well as identifying and determining the treatment needs of those identified as Mentally Impaired/Developmentally Delayed (MR/DD). To schedule an thorough psychological evaluation, in order to determine if a diagnosis of autism is warranted, please call 304.302.0526.


What to expect from a Comprehensive Autism Evaluation.


Like most psychological evaluations, a psychological evaluation to determine a diagnosis of autism includes observation and psychological testing of the individual, review of available records and a comprehensive interview with parents or people who know the individual well.


What if My Child is Diagnosed with Autism?


Included in nearly all psychological evaluations are recommendations regarding treatment. In addition, the client can be referred to local agencies specializing in the treatment of autism.

Huntington WV Autism Evaluations
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