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Physican's Referrals

APT is committed to providing quality services to the West Virgina, Ohio and Kentucky Tri-state area. We believe that closely consulting with referring physicians ensures the delivery of more appropriate and effective mental health services. Family physicians, general practitioners and pediatricians are frequently asked to prescribe medications for mental illnesses and emotional problems. Psychologists can help by appropriately diagnosing mental illnesses, and assisting the referral physician in monitoring a patients progress and treatment. Research consistently shows that the best treatment for mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, is a combination of therapy and counseling and psychotropic interventions. Psychological evaluations can provide the referring physician with important information regarding many facets of a patients current functioning, history of illness, identify barriers to treatment and provide a prognosis for future treatment interventions.


APT provides a confidentiality waiver for clients to sign that permits communication between APT associates and the referring physician. This allows APT to keep the referral physician informed of the progress the client is making in therapy, including a decrease in psychological distress and behavioral symptoms and to alert referring physicians when clients fail to keep appointments or follow treatment recommendations. By working together, associates of APT can help physicians deliver the best comprehensive health and mental health care possible.


To make a referral for psychological and/or counseling services please call APT at 304.302.0526 or you may download and complete the referral form using the button below and fax it to us at 304.932.0501 or by email at

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